Notable Articles

Why do you need to come to Friday’s meeting and stay engaged? Because people who make decisions for your children continue to deny that this is true.

Interesting piece by Michael Bloomberg. S/O to Drew Augustine for submitting.

“Virologist Emanuel Goldman, a professor at the New Jersey Medical School at Rutgers, calls such cleaning “hygiene theater,” a term made popular in a piece from The Atlantic.

“Closing a day a week for deep cleaning is absurd,” he said. “It is a waste of resources. It is a waste of time. It is nonsense.”

Interesting article on CRT in Michigan schools. S/O to Kari Morabito Hands for sharing.

Why do we need to get organized? Because the other side, who wants to keep your kids out of school or muzzled at worst, is organizing as well.

Great letter about demanding that the Michigan Association of School Boards leave the NSBA after the NBSA called us “domestic terrorists.” S/O to Rosemarie Denton for sharing.

Sen. Lana Theis weighs in. She’s been a strong supporter of parental choice. S/O to Mary Clark-Darnell for sharing.

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