I am a father of two girls — one is three years old and her little sister is four months old. My wife and I moved to Canton in 2015. Due to the highly regarded reputation of the school district, we viewed Canton as a great place to start our family. Now that we’ve lived here for seven years, I have seen certain policies and practices that could be improved. I am running for the Plymouth-Canton Community School Board because I want to ensure a quality educational experience for the student body, their parents, and my daughters.

As an engineer, I can attest to the importance of a solid educational foundation for success in life. It saddens me to see how far behind our nation has fallen in the fundamentals of reading, writing, and arithmetic. The school’s responsibility is to provide a classical education and teach critical thinking skills to equip all students with the tools necessary to succeed in whichever path they choose in life, whether that be a college degree, vocational school, or skilled trade.

I believe Parents Matter. Parents deserve to have meaningful participation with educators and administration while retaining influence in their children’s education. I am also an advocate for parents maintaining authority over all medical decisions involving their children. Transparency is a key enabler to achieve this. We send our kids to school for academics. Morals and values are taught at home.